Launching Kirschberg Technologies

Kirschberg Technologies is proud to have become part of the world’s light gauge steel technology community. Although we are all still bearing witness to the most challenging of times in post war history, we see this as the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves, our technology, and our light gauge steel solutions to the global construction market.


We are excited to become Europe’s first roll-forming technology company, focused on the development of light gauge steel framing and flooring solutions, but we are also committed to developing roll forming technology for use across the entire light gauge steel application spectrum. Be it structural or non-structural profiles, light or heavier gauge, we are eager to develop your roll forming technology requirements into tailored solutions.

Located in Holland, we are a proudly Dutch company with a distinctly antipodean flavour. Our founder Dylan Kirschberg is originally from New Zealand, where he began in Auckland in the roll forming and light gauge steel industry in 2009. Since that time, he has gone from the research and development side of the roll forming machinery itself, to furthering and establishing its use in both developing and developed regions around the world.


Vastly experienced in the regional applications of this technology, Dylan has travelled extensively to all corners of the globe where he has been instrumental in the promotion and education of light gauge steel systems. From its adoption across Africa for affordable housing projects, to its relief use in the war zones of South Sudan and Iraq, to its more established use cases in modular and prefabricated systems throughout Europe, Dylan has actively demonstrated the benefits light gauge steel systems bring to any construction environment.

The belief Dylan has developed in the use of sustainable building practices is not only as a result of having implemented the use of light gauge steel systems around the world, but due to the environmentally conscious awareness that is innate in many New Zealanders. Coming from such an isolated country where the balance of nature is so delicate, a great deal of emphasis is instilled in the population at a young age about the preservation our planet through conservation and the sustainable use of its resources.

With our knowledge and experience, we are excited and well positioned to take the light gauge steel community into its second generation of development and adoption. Our innovative engineering techniques and the technology options we offer will be driven with production and energy efficiency in mind, without compromising on accuracy, reliability or durability. We are committed to developing and delivering excellence from the heart of Holland beginning with our 100% European technology, through to our unwavering service support. We understand our customer’s success is a reflection of our dedication to delivering industry leading technology and solutions, developed to increase production capacity and efficiency, alleviate the headaches experienced with traditional building practices, and ultimately enhance your company’s ‘bottom line.’


We are excited to bring an enthusiastic new approach and European direction to the industry with our underlying objective always being that of the promotion of light gauge steel technology and its systems. We are here for the benefit of our community offering considered advice and guidance to ensure our customers are fully informed before making any investment decision. We pride ourselves on trust, transparency and the importance of simple and honest business, so our value proposition is not just in the technology we deliver, but in the enduring relationships we create and foster along the way. We aim to create an environment with our customers where they feel part of both ours and the light gauge steel community, as by collectively driving awareness and adoption of this technology we are all responsible for contributing to the continued growth and size of its market.

Encouraged by the continued growth of ‘offsite’ building practices across the likes of Europe, North America and the Middle East, we see prefabrication as the only modern method of construction that is going to have any opportunity of reducing the global construction deficit. If we are to truly begin constructing more sustainably, efficiently and effectively, the traditional building model must be driven by governments to shift towards prefabrication of some capacity, or towards offsite facilities. These modern constructing methods have been proven successful with light gauge steel over the course of the last two decades so we want be an integral part in consolidating its adoption and the maturity of its use cases.

Our end to end offering begins firstly with understanding our customers objectives and the particular problems they are looking to overcome. Whether looking to use light gauge steel technology for the first time, or to increase your production capacity and efficiency, we will tailor your roll-forming solution, offer accurate guidance and direction on your Design & Engineering software, as well as supply your steel and building product solutions. Software and equipment training is provided throughout the delivery and installation process, however we also provide ongoing education around the use of our systems, encouraging our customers to continually upskill and retrain their machine operators as well as ensure any new staff have been correctly skilled.

We are eager to contribute our knowledge and experience to the light gauge steel community so that it continues to grow in size and popularity to eventually establish itself as the new ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’ method of construction. We respect the efforts of others throughout the infancy of this technology, from the pioneering developers, to the early adopters, a strong foundation has been laid for the next generation to build and improve upon.

At Kirschberg Technologies, we are ready to inspire, as well as be inspired. We will inspire through being an influential presence in the championing of more sustainable and efficient modern methods of construction. And we will be inspired by our customers with how and what they’re able to deliver across the global construction landscape.

Everything begins and ends with family, and as a family business built on family values, we see our customers and community as part of our wider family. We openly welcome all to become part of our family and network, so together we can improve the world we live in.



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