Kirschberg Technologies

Kirschberg Technologies is a proudly Dutch company with a distinctly antipodean flavour. Our founder, Dylan Kirschberg is originally from New Zealand where he began in the roll forming industry in 2009. 

From there his journey has seen him based in Dubai, London and Amsterdam over which time has seen him gain vast experience and in-depth knowledge of roll-forming technology and the varying regional applications for which it is used around the world.

Kirschberg Technologies is a family business, eager to deliver quality European roll forming technology and provide our solutions to the light gauge steel community.


At Kirschberg Technologies, we recognise the fact that light gauge steel systems are the direction in which most global construction markets are now advancing. Not only due to the sustainable nature of light gauge steel as a raw material, but due to the efficiencies these systems offer in terms of time, value, and usability.

We are dedicated to promoting light gauge steel technology, and continuously strive to develop its use and application around the world. Perpetually focused, we are determined and committed to demonstrating why the industry should exchange traditional construction methods for more innovative, modern methods of technology.

Through our knowledge, network and ongoing support, we can tailor any light gauge steel solution to ensure our customers can effectively and efficiently fulfil their requirements.

Kirschberg Technologies



Kirschberg technologies

With our light gauge steel solutions, we can help your company to be more effective, efficient, and sustainable. Just what the world needs, as we are bearing witness to an exceptional moment in human history.

The recent decade has seen the number of people living in cities outnumber those residing in rural areas for the first time in our existence.

As the world continues to rapidly urbanise, it is abundantly clear the construction sector demands more efficient, effective, and sustainable solutions to prevent the global construction deficit from becoming even greater.