Our global network of steel mills and traders allows us to provide steel solutions regardless of market volatility and dynamics. Our network and market knowledge is on hand to offer competitive pricing and efficient steel deliveries no matter where in the world they are required. Contact us to see how we can fulfil your steel demands.



Kirschberg Technologies is partnered with the world’s leading and most recognised developers of light gauge steel Design & Engineering software. We understand our customers’ desire to choose a preferred software platform which is why we are on hand to offer guidance and direction towards the most suitable software solution for your application and experience.

Our network of building materials suppliers and manufacturers allows us to offer the most suitable products for your applications. Be it fasteners or fixings, connectors or brackets, we are here to offer solutions and guidance for whatever your applications demand.



Our technology is supported without the need for renewable service contracts or ongoing licencing. We believe your success is based on a foundation of reliable and robust technology supported by unwavering service.

All Kirschberg Technologies equipment comes with a training program demonstrating its operation, calibration and subsequent servicing requirements. We ensure that those tasked with the operation of our technology are proficient with its use and positioned to yield immediate benefit from the system.

We are available 24 hours a day with remote assistance offering you the peace of mind required to deliver effectively and efficiently. 

Software and equipment training are provided throughout the delivery and installation process, however we also provide ongoing education around the use of our systems. 

We encourage our community to continually refresh and retrain their Operators to ensure best practices are being applied and new staff has also had the benefit of being skilled accordingly.


Steel supplies, building materials and software

We understand that behind all good products and systems is an unwavering and accessible support network. You may need steel supplies and building materials or require a custom software solution. Our experience and knowledge with roll forming technology and light gauge steel systems across the sector, uniquely positions us with the ability to offer you the support and guidance you desire. We’re always available to provide our expertise to the light gauge steel community with after sales support, systems training or production solutions.

As with all systems, there are multiple factors to consider to ensure an effective and efficient production environment. Although the roll forming technology itself is extremely important, the other components of the system are also critical to the quality of the final product. Our value proposition is not only being able to offer guidance and direction, but also having the ability to supply and deliver on all facets of our light gauge steel systems:

  • Software solutions
  • Steel supplies
  • Building materials
  • Technical service & Support
  • Training

We understand the importance of deciding on a software solution best suited to your proposed construction applications or the skill set and experience of your Engineers and Designers. As a result of our technology interfacing with any open platform Design & Engineering software solution, we’re able to guide you towards software solutions most applicable to your construction requirements and experience.

Ultimately, we offer an end-to-end solution at your discretion. This allows you the freedom to decide on where and how we can simplify your supply chain. Our connections with globally esteemed software, steel supplies and building materials partners afford you peace of mind. Your light gauge steel systems will consist of industry leading materials that we endorse as a result of our experience.