Introducing: the FRAMEWORKS series – Focused yet flexible

A series of roll forming machines focused on the production of prefabricated structural or non-structural construction components.

This equipment is used to produce:
– wall frames
– floor trusses/lattice beams
– roof trusses
– portal frames

For an array of construction applications:
– single level or multi-story structures
– residential or commercial projects
– offsite applications, ie) modular & volumetric systems, façade & panelised systems and bathroom pods
– onsite applications, ie) mobile/onsite production


Our FRAMEWORKS SERIES of technology can be specified to fit your budget and your production requirements. We value our customer’s demands throughout the specification & development process of each of our technology projects. As a result, FRAMEWORKS technology can be specified as:

– either single, or multi profile equipment
– with manual or automatic profile adjustment
– with profile web widths options between 45mm & 250mm
– with profile flange heights between 39mm & 50mm
– with gauge selection options ranging between 0.55mm & 2.00mm
– with tooling configurations specified upon request
– 1.5T – 5.0T single/twin decoiler options
– with/without coil loading equipment
– with/without integrated profile stacking/assembly equipment


Our commitment to providing end to end solutions begins with delivering undeniable technology. This is served with the ongoing support we provide to our community in their development towards growth and success. We take great satisfaction in positioning our customers to advance within their respective markets, as well as continuing to create exposure and promote the use of light gauge steel technologies in the construction sector.


All Kirschberg Technologies equipment is engineered, manufactured, and delivered from the Netherlands. We exclusively use European components and technology. A uniquely European product we are proud to have developed.

The FRAMEWORKS SERIES is but one line of Kirschberg Technologies solutions that can be tailored to our customers budgets and production requirements. Want to find out more or interested in our other solutions? Get in touch with us.



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